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Audiometry (Hearing Test)


Audiometry (Hearing Test)
A hearing test is designed to measure the ability of sound to reach your brain. Sound waves travel through air into your ear canal or through bone behind your ears to an area of the inner ear where they are converted to nerve impulses that are “heard” by your brain.

Test Procedure
Sounds of various frequencies are transmitted to headphones
The person being evaluated presses a button each time a tone is heard.

The pattern of tone recognition depicts hearing deficits by plotting the results on a graph called an audiogram

What is being assessed with the test?
A hearing test can determine whether hearing loss is due to poor air conduction or poor bone conduction of the sound waves or whether your nervous system is not working to convert the sound waves appropriately. It can also be used to measure progression of hearing loss over time or improvement of hearing loss with a specific treatment.

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