Drug Screens/Testing
Drug Screens/Testing

What Is a Drug Test?

A drug test is technical test or analysis which determines the presence (or lack) of specific drugs. 

Places of employment are often the first place people will think about when it comes to drug testing. Drug tests are often used during pre-employment to rule out individuals who do not meet certain drug use requirements. Random drug tests may also be issued from time to time to ensure that employees are adhering to drug use regulations within the company.

However, not all drug tests are used to rule out individuals for opportunities. They can also be administered to help families or healthcare professionals identify problems in an individual. These tests can be used to help find solutions to certain kinds of drug use that may not be apparent at first.

The types of drug tests available today include urine drug screening, breath tests, hair testing, saliva drug screening, sweat drug screens, blood tests, and more. In random screenings, it may not be possible to know exactly which type of drug test will be administered.

Drug Tests for Occupational Medicine 

An important utilization of a drug test is for maintaining the occupational health of your workforce. Early detection is an integral component of helping employees stay healthy by spotting the warning signs of medication conditions before they become dangerous.

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