FLU prevention SEASON

Flu season is almost here, and we want to encourage you to be protected against the flu virus by visiting our office to receive your flu vaccine at Medical Center of Marin.

Call 415-886-4952 or sign up online here for your walk-in flu shot (influenza vaccination) at Medical Center of Marin.  Receiving the vaccination reduces your chances of getting through ‘flu season’ without treatment from a healthcare provider by 60%. Therefore, even if you do still contract the flu after having a flu shot, your symptoms are likely to be less severe and will pass more quickly than if you had not gotten the flu shot.

 Reduce Your Risk of Getting the Flu

Most people contract the influenza virus during ‘flu season’, which lasts from October through March, with the majority of cases peaking in January.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend all persons age six months or older receive a flu vaccination. They also strongly recommend a flu vaccination for people who have a chronic illness, are currently or recently pregnant, young children and healthcare workers. Remember that even if you are well, you may be in contact with others who are at greater risk of contracting the flu.

Last year’s vaccine will not protect against the flu this year.

Vaccination early in the flu season is recommended, since it takes up to two weeks for your body to develop antibodies to the virus so that you can be protected. The protection lasts throughout flu season.

Please consider receiving your flu vaccine this year to protect yourself as well as your friends and family.  Call us at 415-886-4952 or sign up online here to make your appointment today!

For more information on flu vaccinations, visit www.flu.gov.

Test your knowledge about the flu vaccine

Visit the Urgent Care Association of America and take a quick quiz testing your knowledge on the flu vaccine.